We all know about Christmas, the forthcoming summer season, but what about Hannukah, Eid or Employee Appreciation Day? When it comes to reward and recognition, there are plenty of occasions you should be considering. We take a look at the calendar to pinpoint some great gifting ideas all year round.

Anniversary Gifts

What about a gift for the anniversary of when they started a role, or perhaps the anniversary of a great landmark project?

Birthday Gifts

Employees love birthday gifts and they don't have to be extravagant Just a simple card, an email or something little can have a real boost.

Christening Gifts

We spend a lot of time on the maternity card - but what about the christening? A nice card welcoming 'The Future member of Company Name' would be a humorous and thoughtful touch.

Engagement Gifts

An engagement is a real moment to celebrate. Why not give a frame to the happy couple? It can cost under £10 but it certainly cements the workplace in the home!

Exam Gifts

Many employees like to complete further learning. Ensure you are keeping a track of the scores and deadlines when it comes to those milestone exams and project deadlines so you can send a card or a small token. Don't forget to encourage the act of learning over the grade or the mark - just taking part should warrant a certain amount of kudos and recognition.

Leaving Gifts

We don't like to think about employees moving on, but it happens. Consider having a set gift strategy for the company, which will see you avoiding the disparity between lavish gifts and the pitiful collection envelope - with a standard company goodbye you can ensure you always lead as they leave with your best food forward.

Parent/ Care Giver/ Maternity/ Paternity Gifts

We tend to celebrate maternity - but paternity requests are on the rise. A strategy that looks out for the man, or even the other guardian - don't forget there are plenty of dynamics! - can make all the difference and show your commitment to being forward thinking and inclusive. Steer clear of gender based items for baby or parents/ caregivers and instead, why not opt for something neutral - whether that's a photo frame, food, a gift experience or a bottle of something special.

Retirement Gifts

Long service can mean retirement or it can mean a period of 'long service'. Don't forget to ask your trusted advisor about the tax implications of gifting! The classic gift is an engraved watch or a keepsake, but now there's a real rise in bespoke and unusual themed gifts

Diwali Gifts /Easter Gifts /Hanukkah Gifts / Christmas Gifts

Whatever the culture of your main head office, it could be beneficial to take some time to look at the events of significance within your teams. To avoid singling any one person or group out, you may wish to encourage a group celebration, offer a card for every employee, or a small token to everyone. Ensure you do what feels right for your business and ensure 'inclusive' is the order of the day.

 If you are seeking inspiration for your employee gifts, whatever the ocassion - please get in touch.